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Sunday, 18 April 2010 03:26

What is the Duct Cleaners' Network?

DCN is a "peer-to-peer" organization working to establish strategic alliances among quality-minded air duct cleaners around the country and, eventually, the world. Many professionals in this industry have voiced a need for more information and education for business owners. DCN has the vision of growing a network that lends support to you, the individual business owner, by providing useful, practical information and education that is both accessible and affordable.

DCN is about people working together to make a difference. Helping each other to do their best, and to provide excellent service for the customer. If a technician has a challenge, most likely someone else in the Network has faced the same thing or something similar and can offer ideas towards a solution. By connecting with other like minded, quality conscious individuals, we increase our knowledge base to serve the customer better. By raising the level of quality in the service we offer, we can make our own lives more secure. Consumers will want the services of a DCN member above others who aren't concerned about quality or serving the customer. This also helps raise the level of integrity in the industry.

DCN is about helping individuals expand their businesses. Projects that may have previously seemed beyond your capabilities become new opportunities as you collaborate and network with other members to accomplish larger jobs. Members have already participated in MIX Groups, which provide focused analysis of a specific area of your business (i.e. employee issues, marketing, etc). MIX Groups are an extremely effective and progressive business tool. Members can also get involved in Mentoring and Training programs to find help for their own business or to serve as a personal adviser for others who are new to the industry.

Most importantly, DCN is about ensuring a certain level of quality in the service provided to the consumer. Since many states do not require any licensing or certification for air duct cleaning, it falls upon the individual business owner to demonstrate the professionalism of the industry to each customer. Unfortunately, not all duct cleaners are concerned with quality, and, as with any trade, there are those who intentionally deceive the consumer. Each time they take advantage of a customer, they further damage the industry as a whole. Everyone's reputation is effected.

DCN will have a no-tolerance policy for shoddy workmanship. Every member is required to sign the Pledge of Excellence, and expected to adhere to these basic standards of professional conduct. If a complaint arises, protocols will be followed to determine its validity. If the error is due to a lack of knowledge or experience on the part of the cleaner, DCN can assist with a trainer or mentor. However, if the problem is one of indifference or negligence, there is no excuse and membership will be terminated. Membership with DCN has to mean something, and that means setting the bar at a certain level and standing behind that resolution.

DCN is about creating opportunity through unity, and we are committed to providing our members with support and resources for years to come. Get involved now to help shape the objectives that are shaping your industry. Your interest and support are essential. As always, we appreciate your feedback. Thank you.

Member Benefits Include....

A variety of member benefits and features are available right on the DCN web site. Certain sections and features are only accessible to members who have registered on the web site with a user name and password.

Member Locator

Consumers use the Member Locator to find a quality contractor in their area. This site also provides consumers answers to common questions, as well as information about air duct cleaning in general. Members can use this locator to find other members for project collaboration and training.


Currently offering an annual weekend of technical sessions and classes. As the network expands, regional events will be added for the convenience of our members.

Discussion Board

Divided into convenient categories for quick reference, a powerful search feature allows you to find information on virtually any topic. The Board is well-policed. Any discourteous or irrelevant posts will be removed. Please refrain from discussing religious and political topics as this is a business forum. Commercial business posts selling, advertising or offering goods or services will also be removed. Only private party sales of used equipment are permitted. Basic features of the Discussion Board are open to the public.

Small Business University Audio Library

Included in annual membership is access to hundreds of audio titles from business experts on a variety of topics including marketing, business management, employee issues, advertising and more. Members can download complete audio books directly to their MP3 player, or to their computer to burn on a CD. Audio books cost $10-$20 or more, but this is included in the cost of annual membership. New titles and fresh content are added regularly.

Web Site Resources

Links to a variety of business-related sites to help with web site design, marketing literature, daily office tasks, merchant accounts and more. New sites will be added regularly. As this library grows, it will be catalogued into different sections for easier searches.


Member Tools

Marketing logos for business literature and apparel. New tools coming soon.

Business Articles

Articles covering a variety of business topics are offered. This will grow to be a valuable library for members. Please contribute articles you find of interest.

Online Education

PowerPoint training presentations will offer convenient online answers for business owners. Through the use of photos, video and text to illustrate different lessons, this will become an excellent tool for training employees on a number of topics.

Training & Mentoring

Become part of a program to assist new and existing business owners in starting or expanding their company.

Please join us at the Annual Conference July 13 - 15, 2018 to find out more about getting involved in the future of DCN. Your experience and knowledge are a benefit to everyone.

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